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Please contact Chassis for service and sales. Dynamometer for sale manufactured by Dyno.

Chassis Dyno by Dyno Com. Your authroized United States dealer for dynos. We offer different dynos specific for your needs. No matter if you need a Motorcycles Dyno, Front Wheel Drive / Rear Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive Dyno Com AWD Chassis Dyno, An Engine Dyno, or want a Mobile Chassis Dyno to take with you for events or to a race, we have the right tool for you.

Dyno Com dynos are simple to set up and are engineered with the highest thought process, so that you as the operator or tuner will have everything you need without any fustration. Dyno Com manufactures a comprehensive range of motorcycle dyno & chassis dynamometer to suit just about any application. From Motorcycles to heavy commercial vehicles / road to full race. We have a solution for you. Our chassis dynamometer & motorcycle dynos are all compact in design and can be mounted above ground or in-pit and most are available in mobile form, above ground or in ground installation. Contact us today if you have any questions or you want to set up an appointment to test drive one of our Dynos.

chassis dynos, engine dynos and custom engineered products is amongst the most technical advanced and user friendly in the world and has captured the imagination of mechanics, workshop owners and managers everywhere. Our customers range from small general mechanical repair and service shop to major auto manufacturers including Toyota, Honda and Subaru. No matter what size your business is now, our Chassis Dynamometer or Motorcycle Dyno can help take you to where you want to be in the future.

The purchase of any Dyno Com products buys you a lot more than just hardware and software. We provide world leading after sales service, support and training that will ensure your business gains a competitive edge. We offer a factory backed 12 month warranty and in person, phone, fax and internet support. Our comprehensive range of multimedia training materials provides workshop technicians with the knowledge to get the most from the equipment and deliver the best results for your workstop and your customers. All dyno Com dynos are fully upgradeable, so when your business grows, Your dyno can be adapted to meet your changing needs.

Dyno Com is based in Australia manufacturing one of the worlds best chassis dynoamometers. Widely know internationally, but now having a bigger and bigger presence in the U.S. Dyno Com is becoming the standard for everyday use for testing or tuning. No matter if you have a race car or an everyday driver.

When choosing a chassis dyno or a Motorcycle Dynamometer for your business we will work with you to find out what your business needs are and help you choose the right dynoamometer that fits your needs. Along with purchasing your new tool, we will provide you with:

  • Free Technical Advice
  • Full training on utilizing the dyno to it's full potential
  • Sales & Marketing assistance
  • Training classes (video, cd, manual, etc.)
  • Technical support via factory dealer, phone, email



Dyno Features :: 

Steady State holding.
Allows you to hold a load on a car for a extended amount of time.

Wideband AFR Display:  On screen Air Fuel Ratio display

RPM:  On Screen Display of current RPM.

Torque/Horsepower:  On Screen Display of current Tourque and horsepower.

AWD::  There are several different AWD vehicles, with different lengths. Our AWD Chassis Dyno offers a unique feature which lets you slide the tire rest points longer or shorter to fit almost every vehicle.

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